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Silver Springs Co

ABN- 513 909 306 99 - NICNAS REGISTRATION - NIC1003929

Beautiful - award winning- hand crafted soaps, candles, saddles / leather work, blacksmithing etc.,

made on our

cattle property by skilled artisans. A fully operating Percheron horse stud with quality heavy horses -

breeding for type and temperament.

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Rose Pool


Made on our farm from pure ingredients, essential oils, natural clays, activated charcoal, cosmetic mica, gourmet herbal teas, goats milk, oatmeal and honey from our farm, every soap is individually handcrafted.

 No two soaps are the same, so on ordering soap, color is only availabe by special request, soaps will be sent out of what is in stock currently and can be of any color or tea and essential oil combination etc.

 Approx.130 grams each.

Front and back shown, as all sides are beautiful!

Color preference if available? Please note; Color not guaranteed but we will try our best to match your request.

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